Monday, 24 September 2012

5 Totally Sweet Vegan and Vegetarian YouTube channels

I love YouTube but it's not all Korean pop music and honey badgers. There are some crucial resources made by some awesome people on the web. I recently found myself tripping and clicking through the vlogosphere and though that I would share some of the wonderful and inspiring vegan, vegetarian and raw food YouTube Channels I found. It's such a great resource for research, recipes, restaurants and recommendations. Post a link if there's anyone I've missed.

Manjula's Kitchen
Manjula's Kitchen has more than 12,000 subscribers to her full of start to finish vegetarian and vegan Indian food recipes. With her casual style and warm smile, Manjula reminds me of spending time with my grandmother in her kitchen when I was growing up. Her recipes are accessible and clearly explained, and with more than 200 uploads there are plenty to choose from. This Spinach Chaat Recipe looks scrumptions and she's got the whole thing on her website too. Nice one Manjula.

The Vegan Zombie
John's recipes are designed to prepare you for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.  He cooking has a lot of variety with some really good spice mixtures. The recipes range from advanced - home made seitan - to beginner - tempeh kebabs - but they all look tasty. Toss in a couple of zombie jokes, some pretty sweet tattoos and regular pop music references, you've got a wicked YouTube channel.

The Sweetest Vegan
This is Soul Food with a vegan Southern Belle. The recipes are home cooking with hot sauce and lots of a healthy dose of southern hospitality. Her most recent project is translating the Paula Deen's 'Southern Cooking Bible' in to vegan. Her recipes have all the love and flavour of traditional soul food with less grease and mo' veg. Check out her 'Baked Fried Green Tomatoes'

The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii
This is a wonderful resource for lots of great amazing lectures on all things vegan and vegetarian. From recipes, to business, to health and the environment they hold a monthly series of lectures and upload all of them. Speakers come from all over the world to enlighten their veggie brothers and sisters. In total, they have more than 125 of the best online vegetarian speakers in the world available online for free.

The Cool Vegetarian
This is a kind of magazine channel, with lots of interviews and discussions on vegan, vegetarian and raw food.  Really personable and honest, there are lots of great stories from people who can are living and loving a healthy and sustainable diets. My favourite video is easily this interview with Sunny Griffin.


  1. Lovely list!
    I'd be honored if you took a peek at my Accidentally Vegan Television channel....

    1. thanks. Nice channel too! I like it when omni chefs mix it up!

  2. Love this list. The Sweetest Vegan and the The Cool Vegetarian are two of my favorite YouTubers. Thanks. I also have a plant based YouTube site Check it out, there's chef's tips + tricks, recipes and eventually a section on philosophy. Thanks for spreading the love.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Great channel! Love the garlic shake!

  3. Durianriders and Freelee the banana girl = awesome!
    Anything by Dr Neal Barnard, "The China Study", Colin. T. Campbell. or 80 10 10 diet.
    We all get dubbed with being animal loving hippies (guilty), tho with logic and some education its easy to see a vegan diet is exactly what the body needs.
    (Soon to be Naturopath)