Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Review: Garden Gourmet's Range of Herbs & Spices

Garden Gourmet's Range of Herbs and Spices
Herbs are brilliant. They can make the difference between any old fuel and some delicious food in a instant.

For my review of Garden Gourmet's range of Herbs & Spices, I tried these in three different recipes. First in a no-cook Jackfruit Ceviche, next in warming Thai Curry and finally in an everyday Pasta Bolognese. The herbs performed well in each recipe bringing the flavour of fresh herbs but the ease of use of dried herbs.

I used the garlic in each recipe and found that I got the most even distribution throughout the dish if I added it to a liquid first, like coconut milk or vegetable broth - I also found that it made a beautiful aioli and garlic bread. But of the whole range of herbs I found the coriander to be most appealing. I have so often bought fresh coriander for one recipe only to have the rest of the bunch go off before I could get to it. Or worse yet, I've arrived at the shop to see them already past their best.  And the thing is that when you're hankering for guacamole, neither dried coriander, coriander seeds, nor ground coriander has the same impact. But not only does Garden Gourmet product delivers on flavour, but it also keeps for more than a week.

They're a great way to cut down on prep time if you're new to cooking and provide the extra special ingredient you need to make your next Thai, Mexican, or Chinese meal sing.

Thai  Coconut Curry with Garden Gourmet Spices 

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