Tuesday, 6 September 2016

OrganicSeptember: Riverford Organic Veg Box

The day that my Riverford Organic Fruit & Veg Box arrived I was positively giddy! The doorbell went and then van was there, a smiley delivery chap and a big box full to bursting with organic fruits and vegetables! When I finally had it in my hands I think my exact words were 'Yeeheeheeheee!' 
I was one happy vegan.

There were all sorts of yummy goodies in the Medium Fruit & Veg box which includes 6 veg and 3 fruits. It was like a big, bright, nutritious, Christmas present! Here's what was inside:
Recipe ideas, potatoes, spinach, mixed greens salad, runner beans, raspberries, corn on the cob, bananas, beetroot, melon.
Woop! The beets had the leaves on, the corn had the husks and my toddler had his eye on the raspberries as soon as he saw them. It was early. The bananas and raspberries were perfect with our morning porridge.

We've had the box a few days and it's been a really versatile mix. When most people think about organic food they think of haute cuisine buuuuut...I don't know how to cook like that....aaaaaaannnnd I have a small child so I can absolutely confirm that there are loads of simple family meals to be had from these delicious ingredients. Simple breakfasts. couscous lunch, skin on mash potatoes and salad greens so fresh you can eat them without any dressing. 

Riverford has been bringing organic farming to doorsteps all over the UK for almost 20 years. They're pretty good at it AND their HQ is right in the heart of Devon. They offer almost 10 different box variations to more than 15 different locations around the UK. They attend farmers markets and food festivals, run farm tours, have field kitchens and farm shops, they even a cook book. Everything they grow is organic. And everything they do seems to be thought through with similarly right-on intentions. If #organicseptember had teams, they'd definitely be all-stars.

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